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Development Approach

We develop solutions in partnership with your business. The development of every new solutions starts with a deep understanding of the problem that your business wants to solve.

Solutions are developed incrementally, using an agile development approach. This approach ensures that our development team receives regular client input and feedback and provide us with the ability to adjust our approach, to stay aligned with your objectives and to rapidly develop, test and validate prototypes to determine their viability.

Frequent, incremental releases allow the business to prioritise its needs while we provide a framework for continuous innovation, which create an environment for the software to evolve in response to changes in business needs or market requirements.

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Visually Pleasing Interfaces

We realise the importance of user experiences, and that it can determine the success or failure of any solution. We place significant emphasis on the design of the user interface as it determines how users will interact with the solutions that we develop. We ensure that our user interfaces take complex information and functionality and make it simple, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.

We know that developing business-changing solutions require more than a good idea or a talented development team. It is dependent on a sound development process.

Our unique end-to-end development process, is filled with value-adding activities, put the client at the centre of the process, while it blends together creativity, delivery, and the measure of success.

“We put the client at the centre of our development process.”

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The problem must be identified before it can be addressed, or the opportunity must be understood before it can be realized.

Discovery is an important part of our development process where we have the
opportunity to listen and to understand your goals and your vision. We transform our findings into a viable solution. Using interactive workshops, we learn about your end-users or customers, and leverage what we learn to guide our next steps and to set the foundation for your solution.

Our techniques and exercises elicit ideas, to determine your requirements, while we also have some fun. The intended outcome is detailed definition of the solution, ready for development.

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For us planning is more than just a timeline to attain the objectives and goals for the required solution. From marketing to ROI, we work with you to develop a clear flexible plan for launching the solution, as well as a the medium to long term roadmap to ensure that the potential of the solution is maximised.

We assist you in developing a plan that works for your business, that will promote stakeholder and user engagement, and ensure that your solution hits the ground running.

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Interface Design

Our design team creates the visual look and feel of the user interfaces for your solution. We always keep the user at the forefront and incorporate what we have learned during the discovery and planning stages.

Throughout the design our objective is to simplify complex information and functions and make it simple and intuitive. Constant feedback during user testing further contributes to a relevant product that people will actually find aesthetically pleasing to use.

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Sprints form an integral part of our agile working methodology. It enables our team to retain focus on the critical work at each stage of the development, whilst developing the solution incrementally. Critical objectives are attained at a consistent pace, all while allowing for flexibility and shifting priorities, to ensure that the solution stay aligned with your objectives.

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During development sprints testable product features will be produced on a regular basis, to ensure that you can see and feel the progress that is made, to ensure that your solution can be implemented as soon as possible.

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On deploying your solution, we will introduce insights and reporting specific to your objectives, to measure and report on the performance of the solution as well as user behaviour activity to ensure that your business enjoys maximum value from the solution that has been implemented. Feedback will be consolidated and will feed into the future roadmap for your solution.

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