About Us

We are a boutique software development company which specializes in creating custom software for small to medium sized businesses and startups. Our focus is on creating lean, affordable solutions which help your business grow.

MVP Solutions To Get You Started

Get up and running with your Minimal Viable Product as fast as possible. We understand that every day missed in the market results in lost revenue and gives your competitors the edge.

Affordable and Flexible Payment Options

Illyrian Development offers innovative and flexible payment solutions to meet our customers’ budgetary needs and requirements. Alleviate large upfront development costs by paying for solutions based on your development milestones.

Agile Development

We believe in incorporating iteration and continuous feeback into our development tasks in order to successively refine and deliver your solutions. Our approach to agile methodologies focuses on empowering poeple to collaborate and make effective decisions together quickly.

Techical Specialists Assisting You All The Way

Our team has years of experience in ISP, Telecommuncations and ICT environments. Their accumulated wealth of knowledge allows them to approach any problem in a systematic and logical manner. The team will continously use their expertise to advise you on how best to tackle your solution


We keep our customers informed through every step of the development life cycle with tools such as Trello and Skype. Customers are able to track the status of their projects and engage with the developers in a simple and effective manner.

RealTime, Scalable Applications On The Latest Technologies

Each of our solutions are built with the future in mind. We use the latest Test Driven Development Methodologies to build solutions which cater for the growth of our customers.

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